Amniòtic Records (2010)




This album was recorded during the summer of 2010.

Lyrics and music by Pau Vallvé except “All is full of love”, a Björk cover

Pau Vallvé: main vocals, guitars, drums, bass, pianos, percussions, mellotrons, vibraphone, moog, glockenspiel, wine glasses, rhodes, accordion, ukulele, ebows, omnichord, kalimba, theremin, sound ambience and trumpets with the mouth.

Produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by Pau Vallvé in his studio, except the pianos, recorded by Pau Vallvé in Maria Coma‘s living room.

Mastering by Ferran Conangla

Pictures: Montse Martín

Design and layout: Pau Vallvé

“R.I.P.” is a funeral cover of “Yamshes en Escabetx” from Estanislau Verdet (like saying…)

Released by Amniòtic Records, november 9th, 2010