Amniòtic Records (2012)


de bosc (from the woods)
I don’t know if this is a very generalised thing but, in my house, we’ve always used the phrase “from the woods” to describe someone who is not a lover of multitudes, someone who tends to go their own way, at their own pace. Someone who tend to do things with dedication and in solitary. It is usually someone who, for example, prefers bread with tomato and cheese rather than caviar. My mum told me a lot: “Pau, you are so from the woods…”. Well, it’s basically that.



“An outstanding album” … “A turning point in the catalan pop music” … “Only a few artists prove their greatness through the capacity of capturing each one of these moments with an accurate doses of sensitivity. Pau is one of them in this superb “de bosc”

“For me, he is probably the most necessary figure in the catalan music” … “Un gran riu de fang’ is one of the most immense songs recently composed, to wich I can only get down on my knees and worship”
La Voz Telúrica

“A brilliant work” … “13 simple but epic songs, simple but poetic, simple but simply enormous” … “He didn’t only make his most intimate and personal album yet, he also created one of the best catalan pop works of 2012”
Aleix Ibars

“If the music came before super-productions, Pau Vallvé would be among the firsts in the list with ‘de bosc’. A non-conventional work, and clearly indispensable” … “Oceanic atmospheres, trips to primitive worlds, to the highest mountains to see the world, or a tiny winter breeze surrounded by the saddest trees”

“Sometimes there are albums that become part of the environment and we end up breathing them” … “they end up penetrating inside naturally, as if they revealed music that was already inside our body”

“Vallvé took a step forward and he recorded his most political album (not politicized) and social (not populist) yet” … “With the commitment of a 70’s songwriter, the universal speech of Radiohead and the softness of Jose Gonzalez” … “The commitment, if beautiful, two times commitment”
Mondo Sonoro

“Only in the woods, far away from the collapsing civilisation, the human being is pure”

“a powerful album, and at the same time intimate and grandiloquent”

“Pau Vallvé writes hopeful songs to a non yet written future” … “Vallvé is a musician that goes his own way, without listening to the market laws, and without following the current tendencies”

“Re-thinking our lives and letting them be what we want them to be starting right now”
Jordi Biancciotto

“‘de bosc’ is no more than a way of life, far away from the world’s noise. A way of passing through life without hurries, calmly, tasting the essence, the important things that we often forget”
Lo Llaman Pop


This album was recorded in my studio from June to September in 2012 and edited in October 2012 by Amniòtic Records, the record label that I ran.

Lyrics and music by Pau Vallvé

Produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by Pau Vallvé

Mastering by Yves Roussel

Pau Vallvé: main vocals, guitars, drums, bass, pianos, vibraphone, organ, celesta, mellotrons, harmonium and percussions.

Backing vocals in song #1: Maria Coma
Hooligan backing vocals in songs #8, #9, #12 i #13: Maria Coma, Joan Colomo, Ramón Rodríguez (The New Raemon), Ricky Lavado (Standstill), Nico Roig, Jordi Lanuza (Inspira), Valen Nieto i Pep Rius (Raydibaum), Anaïs Pasqual, Francesc Viladiu, Clara Visa and, like always, my sisters, my brother and my parents: Joan Vallvé, Berta Vallvé, Marta Vallvé, Mireia Navarro and Lluís Vallvé. Thank you!

Pictures (all taken with a phone), design and layout: Pau Vallvé